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Getting Carpet Clean

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

At Freedom Carpet Cleaning, we offer two methods of cleaning. In addition to the most common method of hot water extraction, we offer encapsulation cleaning. In this process, the encapsulating chemical is sprayed onto and then brushed into the carpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine. The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can’t attract other soils. The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are removed by normal vacuuming. We use a CRB (counter rotating brush) machine to pull dirt and helps to maintain the look of your carpet by deeply reaching into the carpet fibers and lifting them into place.

Safe and EcoFriendly

Our heavy-duty, pro-grade encapsulating carpet cleaner is a powerful blend of safe, and eco-friendly biodegradable ingredients. This encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can't attract other soils.

Fast Dry Time

When performing encapsulation cleaning, the carpet does not become soaked with water as it does with hot water extraction. The low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows carpet to dry within about 20 minutes after the application.

No Wicking or Resoiling

In addition to faster dry times, less water means no wicking or resoiling. Wicking occurs after carpet stains are treated with cleaners and water; as the water evaporates, soils remaining at the bottom of the carpet fibers travel up to the visible surface of the carpet and make the stain reappear. Encapsulation avoids this problem by not oversaturating the carpet fibers, and trapping all the soil within the polymers that are then vacuumed away.

Improved Carpet Appearance

Perhaps the most significant benefit of encapsulation cleaning is the improvement in carpet appearance and a longer life cycle for your facility’s carpets. Regularly removing embedded soils with encapsulation cleaning prevents the buildup of sticky residues that can attract more dirt and make your carpets look visibly soiled.

The brushes on our CRB machines not only agitate the encapsulation cleaning agents deep into the carpet, they also lift and open the pile at the same time. This helps your carpets look their best at the lowest cost all year round.

While either cleaning method is effective, we more often use encapsulation cleaning or a combination depending on the situation.

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